Our Core Business

  • We are in Customer Service Business and our job is to keep our client happy & satisfied. In doing our work we transport people & airfreight from point A to Point B.
  • We do our business by being an 'E-Marketing Company' with a strong I. T. back-bone and we are selling a perishable product in a highly competitive market environment.
  • Our perishable product is aircraft capacity i.e. Seats and Cargo Space.
  • We generate goodwill, revenue & profit as a result of our core business activities.
  • and therefore, WE ARE AN AIRLINE!



Our Logo

  • The green World map depicts iconair's belief in protecting the environment by being an environmentally friendly or 'GREEN' airline.
  • The light blue ocean color signifies Iconair's network beyond continents and extends the same environment and ecology friendly concept of Iconair globally.
  • The ascending golden aircraft with a rising round-the-globe streak behind it signifies our global coverage, focus on quality, growth and innovation with excellence in service.
  • The green and golden corporate colors scheme signifies the Saudi & Pakistani flag colors and our focus on value of our customer.